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The non-profit association GEOforCHILDREN is organizing from July 28 to August 1, 2017 the new project RIDE TO DOLOMITI, a charity initiative to raise money to support the activities of the association in favour of orphan children.

RIDE TO DOLOMITI consists of a five- day cycling tour in the Dolomites. The project will begin on July 28 from Ronchi dei Legionari (GO), where the association is headed, and will end on August 1 2017, back in Ronchi dei Legionari. The tour includes five stages: Auronzo di Cadore, Bressanone, Corvara, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Ronchi. The project will involve the founder and president of GEOforCHILDREN, Paolo Ferraris, and the entire team RIDE TO MOSCOW project in 2016.

RIDE TO DOLOMITI follows the RIDE TO MOSCOW project, a cycling tour of more than 2500 km from Italy to Moscow, which took place from July 29 to August 14, 2016, and which aimed to raise money for the “A door for Life” initiative. Through sponsorships and donations the RIDE TO MOSCOW project raised more than 72000 euros.

RIDE TO DOLOMITI comes from an idea of president Paolo Ferraris and vice president Gianluca Bagata and from the renewed cooperation with Starbene Group, also partner in the RIDE TO MOSCOW project.

Description of the project

RIDE TO DOLOMITI is a five-day cycling tour across the Dolomites, from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Trentino-Alto Adige, through Veneto.

RIDE TO DOLOMITI will involve 9 cyclists. Paolo Ferraris (founder and president of GEOforCHILDREN), Alessandro Ferraris and Arturo Giustina, who participated in the RIDE TO MOSCOW projects in 2016; Gianluca Bagata (vice president of GEOforCHILDREN), Fabio Tromba and Vincenzo Noschese, wo joined the group in 2016 for a couple of stages; Anna Olivetti, Alberto Aldighieri and Gianpiero Klancic. The team will be supported by a group of volunteers.

RIDE TO DOLOMITI consists in a 5-days and 700 km tour. There will be 4 intermediate stages in major touristic centers in the Dolomites – Auronzo di Cadore, Bressanone, Corvara, Cortina d’Ampezzo. The itinerary of RIDE TO DOLOMITI:


At the end of every stage, cyclists will be welcomed in the town and talk about the project with people there-
Moreover, on the 1st of August an event will take place near the headquarters of GEOforCHILDREN to welcome cyclists coming back from their solidarity journey and to raise money in favour of GEOforCHILDREN activities.

The aim of RIDE TO DOLOMITI is to raise attention on GEOforCHILDREN’s activities in favour of orphan children and especially on the “A door for Life” initiative, as well as raise money to support it.

Both companies and people can support the fund through sponsorships and donations. All the money raised through donations and sponsorship will be fully paid to the “A door for Life” initiative.

Aim of the project: A Door for Life

The initiative RIDE TO MOSCOW was created to promote the new fund “A door for Life”, raising money for young boys and girls living in very difficult conditions. “A door for Life” will be a guidance service for boy and girls between 12 and 18 years of age, living in orphanages in Russia.

The purpose of the project is to be with these young boys and girls every step of the way throughout their growth, before and also after they leave the orphanages, and give them all necessary tools to deal with adulthood. It is in fact when these young people leave the centers, when they turn 18, that first serious problems appear in their lives. Data shows that over 80% of them do not manage to integrate fully into society and remain at the margins.

The guidance service will involve professionals and volunteers who will dedicate their skill and experience to help these boys and girls. In particular, through this service, we want to make these young people interact with the world outside, focusing on two essential aspects: school and job. Fully respecting inclinations and personalities, we want to give young boys and girls the opportunity not only to continue their studies but also to learn a job: this way we want to help them integrate into society and count on themselves. We strongly believe that helping these young people learn a job and enter the job market is very important to give them the opportunity for a better future and to protect them from the risk of criminality, violence and drug use.
With “A door for Life” we want to support the boys’ and girls’ talents and be with them every step of the way throughout their growth. With “A door for Life” we want to give young boys and girls in need the chance for a better future.