Make a donation - Merry Christmas

Dear friends,

this is the time to take stock of the past year, to set new objectives and to say thank you.

2016 has been a very intense and exciting year. During the past year we have ridden far, we have introduced ourselves to you, we have tried to draw people’s attention on a situation we really care about and we have achieved results that exceed all our expectations. We wanted to give an answer to those who always say that “it cannot be done”. We know that with effort, resolution, passion and collaboration we can do it, and this is the message we want to send to the boys and girls we have known in Moscow and who think they won’t find a place for them in the society. We want to tell them that they can do it and should never give up. We will be there to encourage them and to give them a chance.

To all of you who are reading, who visited us, who followed us during the RIDE TO MOSCOW journey, who supported and encouraged us, who made a donation and put your trust in us…to all of you we want to say THANK YOU.

We close this year with the great satisfaction of making something beautiful and important, of facing a demanding challenge and overcoming it. Above all, we close this year with a strong motivation to do more and more.

All this and even more has been and will be possible thanks to your support. For this reason we ask you to keep following and supporting us, because the journey is going on and will be long and difficult but surely successful, and we would like to travel this journey TOGETHER with you.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2017!