The third Country RIDE TO MOSCOW passes through is Czech Republic.

After leaving Mariensee, on Monday August 1 the team arrived in Czech Republic during this fourth stage of the tour, sponsored by COOL-THERM!

First destination city: Breclav. The fourth stage is very hard, both physically and mentally. More than 200 km – after riding the same distance the day before! – and always against the wind…but these complications make it for possible for the team to improve the synergy between all members, which is now perfect.

The fifth stage took place entirely in Czech Republic: almost 170 km from Breclav to Starý Jičín. This stage sponsor is AUSSAFER!

Unforeseen events and small incidents may always happen but what’s matter in these cases is to find always the best solution and never give up.

One broken bike chain and the passage across a very congested and dangerous highway put the team to the test but didn’t discourage them!

The bike chain has been replaced and the cyclists changed road because “safety first!” and then back on their bikes through Czech Republic!

During the sixth day the team will arrive in Poland!