“Unfortunately we don’t have a chance to help all unfortunate children all around the world however we still can care about those who are near to us!”. With these words our sponsor VNIIKHOLODMASH started its speech concerning charitable project “RIDE TO MOSCOW” and decision to support it.

VNIIKHOLODMASH is Russian engineering company that specializes in production of refrigeration equipment for the Navy, air-conditioning and temperature control systems. Moreover, the company not only produces equipment but also develops, tests and maintains it by itself.

Company VNIIKHOLODMASH decided to support charitable project “RIDE TO MOSCOW” and became a sponsor of two final cycle tour stages. These stages will pass from Vyazma to Mozhaysk and from Mozhaysk to Moscow.

The company explains the decision to participate in the organization of the project “RIDE TO MOSCOW” as follows:

“Socialization of abandoned children is really a serious problem in our country. For this reason, we want to support any kinds of activities that helps to solve this modern problem. To our mind, it’s more important to give such children an opportunity to find themselves in modern life, receive necessary competence for a further work and learn to communicate with others rather than just help them with a gifts or other material resources. Help them to choose the right way in life, provide support for overcoming any obstacles while they move toward their goals, inspire confidence in their own strength: this is something that can give a real result!

All participants of the cycle tour show a set of features that are necessary to transfer and explain children: a purposefulness, the ability to overcome life difficulties, as well as the ability to search and discovery of new opportunities! Create a career guidance centre in Moscow for orphans and disadvantaged children is a really hard but generous work!

We don’t have any doubts about the success of the project “RIDE TO MOSCOW” and we really hope that our small support will help children and this good deed generally in the future!

We would like to thank company VNIIKHOLODMASH for their help in the project implementation and a faith in it. We are really glad to be surrounded by not indifferent people who are ready to make a selfless contribution to the creation and development of a good deed.