At the end of 2017 the boys and girls from both Mytischi and Bykovski children houses had summed up their achievements of 2017. This so-called “Way to Success” action consists in children writing personal letter in which they talk about what were their expectation one year before and what they achieved in education, sport, music and all special activities carried out at school. On their letter they also shared  their desires and ambitions for the future.

All children achieved their personal goals and had the demonstration that with effort and perseverance they can achieve the expected outcomes.

GEOforCHILDREN wants to encourage them to do their best and to never give up. At the same time we wanted to congratulate with them for their results and for this reasons we made some small gifts. Just like many of us had received some gifts during their childhood and adolescence from their parents.

We want to tell them they can do what they want in the future and they need to struggle and work hard for that. Our commitment is the give them the possibility to do: then results are up to them. And we can say now that they are doing great, and we are very happy about that!